Amino Power is a proprietary technology that goes above and beyond what fluoride alone can do by combining the two-way power of fluoride and arginine to give you the finest cavity protection. Arginine aids in the neutralisation of bacteria in the mouth, allowing acids generated from sugars in plaque, the source of caries, to be neutralised before they cause damage to your teeth. Fluoride helps add natural calcium to teeth to make them strong. This combined action enables 4X Power for Strengthening teeth* and therefore better protection against caries.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection gives you the best ever cavity protection^ with Amino Power whereas, most products today rely on fluoride alone. There are numerous clinical studies that show the superior performance of Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection vs. regular fluoride toothpastes. Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection also contains 4X Power, which helps to strengthen teeth*.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection contains Amino Power, a proprietary blend incorporating arginine as well as an insoluble calcium and fluoride source. Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can be found in a variety of foods, such as:

  • Dairy: Yogurt, Cheese
  • Meat: Beef, Pork, Poultry
  • Nuts, Soy & Soy Beans
  • Baby food
  • Dietary supplements

Arginine is also found in our saliva and acts as a natural caries defense in the mouth.

Yes, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection with Arginine toothpaste is safe for people of all ages.

Please use the product as per the directions on the pack.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection with Amino Power is uniquely formulated toothpaste that provides improved cavity protection while preserving the same great flavor and experience as the original Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection.

Early mineral loss (demineralization) is a problem for our tooth enamel due to acid exposure from bacteria in our dental plaque that can break down dietary sugars and starches to form acids. Essential enamel minerals (calcium and phosphate) are dissolved during an acid attack. In normal conditions, your saliva is supersaturated with calcium and phosphate, over the crucial pH level, and these minerals are constantly deposited on the enamel surface of your teeth or re-deposited in enamel areas where they have been removed (a process known as remineralization). This phenomenon is helped by saliva’s ability to preserve the mineral structure of enamel.

Fluoride, a key anti-cavity ingredient in Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection, is incorporated into the enamel surface as fluorapatite, a mineral that helps to prevent enamel demineralization (from acid attack). Fluorapatite also aids natural remineralization by drawing natural calcium and phosphate minerals from your saliva back into the weakened enamel of your teeth. These essential minerals penetrate the surface of the enamel, actively strengthening and rehardening weakened enamel. Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection with Amino Power also contains arginine, which is broken down by healthy bacteria and helps keep pH levels above critical, enabling remineralization.

At Colgate, we adhere to a principle of continuous improvement, and we are constantly trying to improve our solutions to cater the changing needs of our people.

We all need better and stronger protection from oral health issues in today’s environment, with our fast-paced lives and changing diets.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection with Amino Power is a step in the right direction, providing you with the strongest cavity protection.