Message About Commitment to Good Corporate Governance from Noel Wallace

Governance is an ongoing commitment shared by our Board of Directors, our management and all Colgate people. Colgate’s Board of Directors believes that good corporate governance accompanies and greatly aids our long-term business success. Colgate’s key strategic business priorities are growing sales through engaging with consumers, developing world-class innovation and working with retail partners; driving efficiency on every line of the income statement to increase margins; generating strong cash flow performance and utilizing that cash effectively to enhance total shareholder return; and leading to win by staying true to our culture, developing Colgate people and focusing on all of our stakeholders. Colgate’s Board has been at the center of these key strategies, helping to design and implement them, and seeing that they guide the Company’s operations.

The Board believes that the Company has consistently been at the forefront of good corporate governance. Reflecting its commitment to continuous improvement, the Board reviews its governance practices on an ongoing basis to ensure that they promote stakeholder value. We invite you to learn more about our corporate governance policies and practices and our Board of Directors by exploring this website.

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