Our Commitment

At Colgate, governance is an ongoing commitment shared by our Board of Directors, our Management and all Colgate people. Our continued success is closely linked to strong leadership from our Board of Directors. We believe in the following good Governance Principles:

  • Our Board of Directors is independent, experienced and diverse
  • Our Board focuses on key business priorities and leadership development
  • Open communication between and among Directors and Management fosters effective oversight
  • Established policies guide good governance and business integrity
  • Our Board and Audit Committee oversee the integrity of the Company's financial statements
  • Good governance is the responsibility of all Colgate people
  • Good governance thrives from continuous improvement

Take a look at how we live our corporate values by viewing our Colgate Values video.

Learn about Colgate's community involvement and training programs.

Our Management

Our Executive Management Team takes personal responsibility and leads by example.

Learn about our Board and its communits formed in accordance with the requirment of code of coprate goverance.

Learn about our Board and the policies they have established to guide Colgate's governance practices.

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