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Dishwash Liquid


Lemon Max Ultra is a concentrated dishwash liquid that has the most supreme cleaning and grease-cutting formula, which not only strips off the toughest grease and food particles from precious tableware, but also removes strong cooking odors that may remain in the utensils. It is by far the best dishwash cleaner in Pakistan and for those who never settle for second best. A must have in your kitchen!












A superior cleaning formula with the power of real lemon juice, that is designed to cut grease from dishes, pots, pans and glasses, leaving utensils sparkling clean and free from residue. Lemon Max Liquid is the only Pakistani dishwash liquid which offers more value at an affordable price. It cleans precious crockery and cutlery without any scratches and is also gentle on hands, protecting your skin from damage.












Lemon Fresh

Liven up you mood and your dishwashing experience with the zesty scent of Lemon Fresh. Its grease-cutting power cleans and degreases even the most stubborn stains from precious crockery and cutlery without any scratches. It is also gentle on hands and does not damage your skin.












Lemon Max Anti-bacterial kills 99.9% germs on utensils and kitchen surfaces allowing you to entirely wash away more than just tough grease and giving you peace of mind that your dishes, pots, pans and glasses are as clean as can be. Tough on grease and germs, gentle on hands, it is highly recommended for cleaning children’s utensils.












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