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Dishwash Bar

Our Dishwashing Bars are easy to use and provide thorough and superior cleaning by removing grease effectively. They are not only economical but also provide a pleasant, fresh and long-lasting scent.
  • Lemon Max Bar
  • Lemon Max Long Bar
  • Azadi Bar










Dishwash Liquid

Lemon Max Liquid is an expert dishwash brand that fits in perfectly with the busy, hectic lifestyle of Pakistani females. Within a matter of minutes, it is able to easily cut down grease and other stains, leaving utensils sparkling clean. It is an efficacious and convenient product for all those who are looking for uncompromisingly clean dishes at an affordable price.
  • Regular
  • Ultra
  • Lemon Fresh
  • Anti-Bacterial











Dishwash Paste

Lemon Max Paste, with glycerin, is specially formulated to completely remove the toughest grease from dishes, pots, pans and glasses, leaving utensils sparkling clean and free from residue, while being gentle on your hands. The tub helps minimize wastage to provide high-quality cleaning that lasts longer.
  • Lemon Max Paste Original
  • Lemon Max Paste Lime










Dishwash Powder

Home Cleaning made Easy. A versatile product that meets needs across multiple household surfaces. The powder while in use turns from white to blue, to show its cleaning power being released. When the molecules are hydrated, they release the oxygen and this indication comes from the change of color from white to blue. 
  • Lemon Max Power Cleaner
  • Lemon Max with Bleach
  • Lemon Max Anti-Bacterial










All Purpose Cleaner

New Max All Purpose Cleaner has been formulated to neutralize odors and cut through grease more quickly and effectively while leaving behind 24 hours long-lasting freshness. It kills 99.9% bacteria, leaving floors and household surfaces clean, shiny and germ-free.
  • Rose Fresh
  • Lemon Fresh
  • Lavender Fresh

















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