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Valuing Colgate People

Colgate's continued success around the world is tightly linked to the commitment of everyone to live by our core values.


Throughout the Company, these values help build a strong culture based on integrity, ethical behavior and the desire to do the right thing.


The "Valuing Colgate People" training programs are designed to encourage Colgate people of all backgrounds, globally, to meet their personal goals while helping to achieve our corporate objectives.


The Valuing Colgate People Series is comprised of two courses:

Valuing Colgate People: Living Our Values


Mandatory for all Colgate employees, this program helps participants to:

  • Recognize, value and respect others for their unique contributions
  • Understand the importance of having the highest ethical standards and how to address potential ethical issues in the workplace
  • Explain Colgate's commitment to the core values and to managing all people with respect
  • Practice skills that encourage, motivate and develop all Colgate people


Valuing Colgate People: Leaders Managing with Respect


This training program, mandatory for all Colgate managers, encourages participants to:

  • Become more effective leaders
  • Teach others to value individual differences and use those differences to achieve positive business results
  • Describe how Colgate can deliver and sustain superior business results by living by its core values and "Managing with Respect" principles
  • Understand the impact of their own behavior on others, and build the skills needed to manage with respect on a daily basis
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